Deck Rail Planter Think of your patio or deck… Where you can relax and enjoy our Colorado sunshine... It would be even better with beautiful flowers! Deck Rail Planter

Container gardens paired with automatic drip irrigation create an enjoyable ambiance with minimal maintenance.

Sundrops & Starflowers will work with you to enhance your existing outdoor living space. Container gardens, trellises, hanging plants and outdoor decorations paired with an automatic drip irrigation system make your patio or deck the place to be.

Upgrade your outdoor room in four easy steps:

Plan: Stephanie will personally visit your home to discuss your unique area and create a customized plan.
Decorate: We’ll work together to get the furniture, planters and decorations you need to fit your style. If you already have planters and furniture, we will work it all into the new plan.
Irrigate: Sundrops & Starflowers will install a drip irrigation system that is carefully camouflaged and will run unobtrusively off your hose spigot.
Plant: Sundrops & Starflowers offers a spring planting service of attractive, healthy plants for your containers. If you prefer to set-in your favorite plants yourself, Stephanie can offer you advice for achieving stunning displays.

What’s your excuse?

“It’s way too hot on my deck.”
With our intense Colorado sunshine radiating off your house’s siding, it’s not surprising that the deck is hot. However, an abundance of healthy greenery in container gardens will naturally lower the ambient temperature. A simple market umbrella can create enough shade for a pleasant sitting area.
“When I’m outside, I feel like everyone’s watching me.”
Fort Collins’ higher density building requirements, combined with the layout of our streets, might make your patio feel more like a stage than a restful terrace. Careful placement of hanging baskets, trellises and outdoor room dividers will screen you from your neighbors and still maintain your patio’s open, fresh-air feeling.
“I’d like to have flowers, but they always die.”
There’s no denying that container gardens require maintenance — the watering requirement is particularly demanding. Simplify upkeep with an automated drip irrigation system specifically designed for your patio container garden. The system runs off of your spigot without compromising the use of the hose. You can even water on the second floor!
“I don’t have time to plant.”
As a matter of convenience, Sundrops & Starflowers will handle all the “dirty” work for you setting young, healthy plants directly in your containers at your location. Get personal service and a unique garden for around the same price as pre-made nursery planters.
“My patio is too small to be useful.”
A comfortable lounge chair, window boxes on the railing and perhaps a small fountain — what more could you want for your rejuvenating retreat? Allow my creative thinking to turn your challenging space into something useful and beautiful.

Create your own unique outdoor room!  Call us today at (970) 988-3808 to get started with a no-hassle drip-irrigation system to keep your patio looking beautiful.

Our original landscaper ran a drip line up to the deck for my corner window boxes. It never worked right — the flowers were either flooded or dry. Stephanie explained that shrubs are different from container gardens, have different water needs, and can’t be watered on the same line. She put up a new irrigation line which runs all around the deck; we added more containers; and rearranged the furniture. Now the deck is lovely! " " Carol G. I am extremely pleased with the flowers and containers that Stephanie did "her magic" with and now dress up my patio and deck. I can see the hanging baskets from my family room window and it makes me want to come out to the deck. I didn't realize how barren my patio and deck were before . The drip systems makes it even better, because I don't have to remember to water them! " " Jennifer O. I always wanted to have flowers on the deck, but I knew from experience I couldn’t take care of them and keep them alive. Stephanie’s automatic drip irrigation system was so intriguing I had to give it a try. Now my deck is beautiful! I’m planning on adding even more plants next year! " " Julie R. Now that Patio Plants Unlimited has installed an automatic watering system, I can go on vacation and not have to worry about my plants dying in my absence. I also love the spring planting service—as much as I love to plant up my own pots, I simply don’t have time and they are always unique and beautiful when Stephanie does them. " " Kathy C. The color combination Stephanie put together is so eye-catching, I've had several neighbors stop on their walks to compliment my porch. The house is so much more welcoming with flowers! " " Pam M. I have enjoyed my beautiful stress free flowers so much this summer! Stephanie did a fantastic job of finding some new flower pots to go with some I already had, setting up the watering system and filling the pots with the most beautiful flowers! Having the watering system is the greatest idea ever, especially if you love having flowers and don't have the time to plant or keep them watered adequately. " " Janet T.