5 Great Things Plants Do For You

Trees, flowers and grass are more than just pretty. Plants do great things for our well-being – both personally and on a global scale. According to a study published by CSU, here are 5 benefits of landscaping.

air quality meter
  • Improved air quality. This includes carbon sequestration, reduced airborne pollution and oxygen creation.

  • Lower surface temperatures. It’s obviously cooler in the shade of a big tree. Shading your home with deciduous trees (trees that drop their leaves) can save you $100-$250 per year in energy costs

bee on flower
  • Wildlife habitat. Homeowner landscapes provide habitat for many species, including pollinators, which are impacted by urbanization.  (Cameo appearance by Beatrice the Honey Bee, the guest blog author from 2020. See her blog posts here.)

tree hugging
  • Reduce stress. Studies have shown that stressed, anxious, or depressed people felt calmer and had a positive change in mood after spending time in a nature area.

planted money
  • Increased real estate value. The study concluded at for every $1 invested in a home landscape yields a $1.35 return.

Giving credit where credit is due:
Image #3 by cocoparisienne from Pixabay
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