About the Team

About Stephanie

I was born and raised here in Fort Collins, Colorado. My parents maintained a large garden and a hobby greenhouse and I inherited a green thumb. I earned my AAS degree in Horticulture from Front Range Community College in 2008.

I am an avid gardener but the heavy clay soil in Northern Colorado is so frustrating that I find real delight in container gardening. When our family weekend camping trips were really taking a toll on my potted plants, I solved the problem by researching and installing a drip irrigation system on my patio. By eliminated the daily watering regimen, I decided I could have even more potted plants!

Truthfully, herbaceous perennials are my favorite type of plant. There is not a corner of our ½ acre property my husband and I have not improved over the past 16 years! We maintain a small orchard; growing apples, cherries and raspberries. I also keep a small vegetable garden. Together we have built trellises and benches, laid flagstone, installed a fence, constructed a gravel driveway, both removed and planted trees and shrubs, and made numerous changes to our sprinkler system. I built a very nice overflow fountain and, of course, I have planted a multitude of flowering perennials and bulbs! Our Fort Collins landscape work has given me the chance to learn by trial and error and I am excited to pass on my experiences to my clients.

As much as I love my yard, I understand that not everyone wants to spend all of their time tending the plants in their yard. I strive to keep the yard functional for all the various activities of your life and hope you can enjoy your outdoor spaces and our amazing Colorado sunshine!

Stephanie Selig, Owner
Stephanie Selig
Fort Collins Garden Cat


The Office Manager

Merlin is our office manager. He oversees EVERYTHING that happens in the office. Since Merlin is a tuxedo cat, he wears formal wear to every occasion and he always looks sharp!

Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams

Marketing Advisor

Amelia was born and raised surrounded by plants (because Stephanie is her mom). Although Amelia loves her urban garden, she is much more skilled in the digital world. She got her degree in Marketing from Colorado Mesa University in 2016 and has helped immensely with the re-branding of Stephanie’s amazing business.


The Yard Supervisor

Gandalf supervises activity in the Selig yard and garden. His favorite plant is Catmint (Nepeta spp.); therefore, it is growing in all of the flower beds. Gandalf also works diligently to control the rabbit population in our yard.

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