Garden Self-Evaluation: May

green groundcover plants with little white flowers

Love this!

Truthfully, I have a love/hate relationship with groundcover plants. At the moment, I’m loving this Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum) while it’s covered with sweet smelling, dainty white flowers. It’s spreading through the perennial garden, which I certainly like more than weeds. However, I hate when my groundcover plants get overly aggressive and try to take over the entire garden (like the Vinca Vine in another section of my yard.) Galium odoratum flowers are edible. They taste at first like lettuce but have a spicy finish like strong parsley. I guess if this plant tries to take over, I can just eat it. haha 🤣

hanging basket

😀Growing Up!😀

I plant annuals in my hanging baskets and containers. I know they’re not big and blooming yet. I’m OK waiting for the flowers; I know they’ll be great in a few weeks. I love watching the little plants grow up and I find that my containers last a lot longer than the ones that are fully grown at retailers in May. These baskets are Sunpatiens (Impatiens hybrid) and Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia). 

rhubarb plant

😕Rather Disappointed😕

My rhubarb plant is actually quite pathetic. I’ve tried loving on it – extra water, bloodmeal fertilizer, harvest gently so it can grow, talk nicely. I’ve tried neglecting it – no extra water, no fertilizer, aggressively harvest it, yell at it. I don’t know which combination would result in a plant that has thick and plentiful stalks. It’s still alive and I’m still trying!

Buzzword: Natives
Buzzword: Low Maintenance