NOT Canceled: Outdoor Living

NOT Canceled: Container Garden Planting Service

Spring planting service for container gardens begins each year mid-May when there is less threat of frost and this year is no different, despite all the changes around us. In fact, this year we may need the flowers and plants more than ever! The plants were ordered last November and many have been growing for the past 13 weeks or more. Spring planting will be different this year for sure, but when necessary a no-contact or reduced contact service is completely possible. I will be finalizing my planting plans and schedule in the upcoming weeks, feel free to contact me (970-988-3808) if you have questions, concerns or just want to be sure you’re on the schedule.

Also, if you’d like to add a few containers to your patio or need repair work on your irrigation system, please let me know. We can take care of the irrigation system before planting time.

NOT Canceled: Gardening and Yard Care

The landscaping industry was designated an “essential service” by the Colorado Legislature. While much of landscaping is simply ornamental, landscaping work also includes the essentials of tree trimming for safety, managing water drainage and retention areas, controlling noxious weeds, providing starts for vegetable gardens, and many other services we don’t even think about. The nurseries in town are still open and operating with a no- or low-contact pre-order model. Many landscape contractors are still accepting projects for their summer schedules.

I still intend to provide fine garden maintenance this year; however, I have not hired an assistant for the summer. Therefore, I may have less availability. Please be understanding as we work through an unusual year.

NOT Canceled: Landscape Design Services

Perhaps this is the year you will fix up your outdoor living space (since the vacation was canceled anyway). In addition to container gardening, I provide landscape design services for the do-it-yourself homeowner. I believe that a garden that is loved is truly lovely. In addition to having a pretty space to enjoy, gardening offers us a chance to exercise and connect with nature, both of which are proven to reduce stress.

If you think you’d like to take on a landscape project, but lack confidence in plant selection, plant placement or overall design, please give me call or send a text (970-988-3808) or an email. I would be happy to meet with you on a pleasant day when we can stand outside, at a safe distance, and discuss your project.

Beatrice’s Job: Foraging
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