Gardening Life-Hack

  • lifehack or life-hack, life hack [lahyf-hak] noun. Informal. a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing a day-to-day task or activity; a hack

Have you ever woken up at night and worried that you left the water running in the garden? I have had to get up out of bed and go check because I couldn’t get back to sleep worrying that I was flooding the yard! To avoid this situation, I found this quick and easy life-hack: hair scrunchies! I put a hair scrunchie on each of my hose bibs. When I turn on the water, I move the scrunchie to my wrist; then when I turn off the water, I return the scrunchie to the hose bib. I have several spigots at my house so based on on the color of scrunchie on my wrist, I also remember where the water is running. (The greenhouse has a green scrunchie.) It even works if you have the Sundrops & Starflowers logo covering the spigot for your irrigation system. I suppose you could also use rubber bands but I like the soft feel of a scrunchie on my wrist and they’re available at the grocery or department store or even at the dollar store for cheap. I won’t try to claim this is a completely fool-proof method, but it certainly helps me sleep at night.

hose bib with scrunchie
Pink scrunchie on hose bib with 4-way hose extender
hose bib with scrunchie
Blue scrunchie behind the Sundrops&Starflowers logo with irrigation timer below
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